How to Remove a Stuck Tape From a SDLT Drive
How to Reattach Leader on a SDLT Drive

My SDLT drives have fortunately been much better about stuck tapes, and leader issues, than their DLT counterparts.  Of course as I was extolling the virtues of SDLT drives over DLT drives a tape got stuck.  Most of the information I came across was about holdinhg down some button to force a tape ejection.  Much like the DLT drives that didn't work here.  Unfortunately, the SDLT drives are a lot trickier to get the tape out (on a plus side I found reattaching the leader was easier).

I was going to write my own instructions, but HP/Compaq has done a really good job.  The document is “StorageWorks by Compaq: SDLT Tape Drive Reference Guide” and the section is "Appendix D: Removing a Cartridge Manually.”  The easiest thing to do is to go to and search for the part number 201412-002 (the part number for the document).  The following URL may also work:

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