Landesk Remote Control through Mozilla or Firefox

I use Landesk at work both for desktop inventory, software distribution, and for remote controlling lusers ;-) destops when they break something.  (Disclaimer: I do not maintain the Landesk servers - including the Web Console server - so not much expertise in that area.)  Of course IE is the standard at work but I use Mozilla and Firefox for everything.  (Rant: I realize it sometimes takes a little more work to get a site to work with Mozilla/Firefox but I am the only SysAdmin here that doesn't have spyware on his machine!!!  And I'd prefer to spend my time getting Mozilla/Firefox to work than cleaning spyware off of my machine.)  While Landesk does provide an install to launch the remote console through Netscape it does not install for Mozilla or Firefox (note: this may have changed in v.8 but that is not what I have.)  Not that I am mad about Landesk not installing for those browsers it just requires a little extra work to get it going and I'm glad that they provided a Netscape install so I could get the plugin to Mozilla/Firefox.

What I did was load Netscape and then run through the Landesk Remote Console install and then copy the plugin (npiexec.dll) to the plugins folder.  Following are directions so you don't have to do that:

(This was done on both Windows 2000 & Windows XP machines.  I have only tried this with Firefox v.0.9.2 but I think I have been using this with Mozilla since v.1.5 but definitely works with v.1.7.1.)
  1. Install Landesk Remote v. (MD5SUM: c26c00909c9694d9d38909b7d5c629f4 GPG/PGP Sig: Landesk_REMOTE.sig) though you should have a copy of this through your web console but I know some companies do remove it to force the use of IE.
  2. Put npiexec.dll v. (MD5SUM: db03bd91054c95bf515a33be8280cd8d  GPG/PGP Sig: npiexec.dll.sig) in the plugins directory for your browser.  I just put it in the common plugins directory for the browser (though it should work equally well going in the profile/plugins).  For example:
    Mozilla:  C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\plugins\npiexec.dll
    Firefox:  C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npiexec.dll
  3. Restart your browser (assuming it was open) and you should be ready to go.
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