Access is Denied Error When Importing Windows NT DHCP Information

While this is specific to my experience of migrating DHCP information from a Windows NT server to Windows 2003 I suspect that this could happen at any time when using the netsh command to import DHCP information regardless of the server version.  Also, due to the limited impact on me I haven't traced down the cause of the error since it isn't worth my time but this is how I worked around the problem.

In upgrading the Windows NT server to Windows 2003 (fresh install) I exported the DHCP information per Microsoft's instructions using the DHCPExim.exe tool.  All went as expected but after loading Windows 2003 and running the netsh command (netsh DHCP server import path all) to import the DHCP information back in I kept getting the message: "Access is denied."
Access Denied message when running the netsh command

The account was in the administrators group on the server and the DHCP server had been authorized so it didn't make much sense.  I should also note that I was doing this through terminal services and I got the same message even when using the "-console" switch.  The resolution was to login with the local administrator account (does not  need to be on the console connection through terminal services) and run the command. 

Update (11/12/2004):  This appears to be caused by the user running this command not being a member of the DHCP Administrators local group.  The local administrator account was not encumbered by this and that is why the command ran fine under that ID.

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